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Great Scot Cleaning Systems

Letter of Intent

Attention Human Resource Managers

As a veteran –owned business, I feel compelled to help my fellow veterans in any way I can, in regards to employment opportunities, and job training with the intent to hire.

It saddens me to see that the current rate of homelessness and unemployment which is so high amongst veterans. We as veterans have served our country with honor and humility, sacrificing our time, relationships, family and lives to honor our call of duty! I am proud to have served my country as many of these homeless/unemployed veterans are. Many of us come home with lost limbs from previous wars, while others come home with post dramatic stress disorder, addiction and other mental disorders issues from our military experience. Many of us find it rather hard to integrate back into society, while simultaneously trying to resume the lives we had before joining the military.

My veteran status has enabled me to take advantage of many programs that the federal government offers to veterans. Great Scot Cleaning Systems was incorporated in 1997. Upon graduating from the Federally Funded (8a Program), Marion & Daisy Scott decided to form a company to duplicate the success that they had experienced as a government contractor; only this company would focus on residential and small business markets.I feel compelled to reach out and make it my personal responsibility to take a stance and help my fellow veterans get out of unemployment and homelessness. We feel strong that our small business can provide an opportunity for veterans to become leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs.

Great Scot Cleaning systems offers a program in carpet cleaning and a variety of other services, that allows veterans to go from a trainee to a company partner within twelve to eighteen months.The military has an unwritten law, “WE TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN!” We have structured our company on this concept! We want all of our associates to know that nothing is out of reach in our company.

We offer a four part plan that will train our associates to start as trainees and transition to employees, partners, and finally owners! We will also reach out to the department of labor, and fortune 500 companies, such as the DuPont’s, Locke-Martin and other businesses and agencies to make them aware that we have trained veterans that have undergone background checks and drug testing. For more information about our program visit us on our website:

Contact Marion Scott 610-203-3535 or 302-384-1401