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Great Scot Cleaning Systems

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Drying Instructions:

One of the most important things to understand after carpet cleaning is drying instructions.

Drying Instructions:

Carpets compose a significant amount of air-space volume when it comes to impacting the amount of moisture in the air. The more carpet that is cleaned-and the dirtier the carpets being cleaned-the more important it is that the following steps be taken to assist the environment’s ability to dry those fabrics before mold or mildew can set in.

Micro-organisms are created when six conditions are present:

1) Organic food source-such as natural carpet fibers, jute backings, or adjacent drywall insulation or paper coverings;

2) Moisture-either that introduced by the cleaning, or additional and/or continuing sources of water such as underground water, especially when weather seasons create such conditions;

3) Moderate temperatures 68-86 degrees;

4) Airflow-Limited or lack of air movement;

5) Low or dark lighting assists the micro-organism growth cycle, when sunlight can actually inhibit it’s growth directly;

6) Time enables the growth of some fungi as early as 24-48 hrs and others from 48-72+ hrs, all depending on the aforementioned conditions.* (p. 18, 1st edition, IICRC Standard and Reference Guide for Water Damange Restoration S-500).

Most textiles dry quickly and efficiently in 12-24 hrs. But at some times of the year and in some unique environmental conditions where any or all of the above conditions are favorable and the biggest factor of all being the outdoor relative humidity, the characteristic odor of mold and mildew can appear if these prevention steps are not taken. We seek to be sensitive to these needs in your home, but we also need your full cooperation to see their completion in some cases:

Lowest possible moisture for cleaning.This means we will not use excessive moisture in our cleaning procedures, including additional dry passes with the wand. For you, this means prudence in not allowing excessive soiling buildups-clean your carpets when they begin to appear dirty, or at least every 6-12 months [sooner if you have a.) children, b.) smokers, or c.) pets]. If you are ordering fabric protections, we will use the least amount of water mixtures to accomplish the task of applying them.